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Bandwich provides simple and effective IoT solutions.

A set of IoT sensors connected to each other which could be easily configured and installed - an innovative system for continuous monitoring of all public and private facilities, which ensures greater efficiency of services.

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The Radio module has three communication technologies allowing them, depending on its configuration, to generate both a long-haul network and energy-efficient, both functions of proximity i.e. communicate with standard electronic devices (smartphones and tablets), and to reach the site server locally or in the cloud.


This protocol allows the Master device to communicate with the server via MQTT.

Bluetooth 4.2

This protocol is used to initially configure the device (firmware and hardware) and afterwards to establish a communication with devices in close proximity (smartphones and tablets).


The Radio module has a long-range and low-power RF component at 868 MHz using the 802.15.4 standard allowing it to communicate with other network devices.


The Radio module BW-Z170410 has IIC bus for managing the expansion add-on modules. The combinations between Radio module and other IoT sensors can be configured for various security, monitoring and automation situations.

Add–on Battery Pack

The Battery module can be used to increase the device’s life or as a backup source in cases the primary power supply should fail. The module also allows to recharge the lithium battery via the micro-USB port.

Add–On Environment

The Environment module has a triaxial accelerometer, triaxial gyroscope and lighting, temperature and humidity sensors. A sensitivity limit can be set to the accelerometer to discriminate the stresses.

Add–On Energy Meter

It allows the management of a load via 220V 12 A RELAY and the current measurement absorbed. This module can be inserted inside the junction boxes to monitor the consumption and control the power of whole electrical lines or individual appliances.

Add–On Expansion

It allows the flowmeters (liquid or gas) reading and it is used to read a two-channel digital sensor with +5V power supply. Once the sensor is connected to the socket, just define its type and properties in order to adapt the reading firmware.

Add–On Dali

It allows to add and control one or more LED lights and converts messages received from one of the radio communication protocols to a DALI bus. It is possible to choose the DALI configuration that suits your needs: Master or Slave.


The added values of our IoT sensors make Bandwich the ideal system to constantly monitor your environment, whatever it is, guaranteeing security and offering simple and extremely reliable IoT solutions.


The Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.15.4 protocols provide the maximum flexibility and versatility of the network.

Adaptable Network

According to the various needs (distance, energy, purpose...), it is possible to draw a network tailored to any need.

Modular Devices

You can exploit the add-on to compose the device according to each specific case.

Easy Configuration

The configuration of hardware and network is simple, fast and is carried out by smartphone.


Through MQTT protocol you can monitor in real-time the whole created ecosystem, wherever you are.

Security of data

All the sensors detections are collected several times and averaged directly from the device.

Embedded MQTT Filter

If the recorded data remains unchanged over time, the device prevents sending such information.

Time limit and WOM

You can define the temporary windows of sensor reading that may also be requested by the Wake-on-motion event generated by the accelerometer.

Long range – Low power

The 802.15.4 standard at 868 MHz and the BLE allow to achieve both long and short distances while maintaining energy consumption at very low levels.

Radio Configuration

In the configuration phase, it is possible to set the TX power from -10 to +14 dBm in order to obtain the desired performance in consumption and distances.

Compatible Accessories

You can attach any external antenna U.FL (only for 868 MHz) and exoskeleton can be added to any "GoPro" accessory.

Certified Material

The plastic skeleton is made of ABS V0 or self-extinguishing certified. The silicone seals make it airtight and resistant to dust and water.



Create your ecosystems and connect them to the server.


Initialize the devices and set them according to your needs.


Match the devices to ecosystems and display the collected data.

Bandwich is a system applicable to all types of building, both public and private, and it can be adapted to different fields of application

The innovative sensors of Bandwich

Smart cities are the cities of the future - innovative urban planning strategies and greater efficiency of the infrastructure lead us to an optimization of the relationship between city services and human capital.

Water leaks

Detecting water leaks before they become a real problem is useful to minimize damage and increase the conservation of this crucial resource.

Streets maintenance

Repairing the lights, manage the waste disposal system, clean the streets: Bandwich is the complete and ideal system for ensuring the proper operation of all infrastructure.

Traffic management

Improving traffic flow and manage the movement of vehicles is needed to reduce congestion and pollution through vehicle detection devices.

A network of sensors, like those proposed by Bandwich, improves the efficiency of your company. The management becomes more efficient, solid, and secure while monitoring is constant and reliable, making production planning easier.

Flow monitoring

Monitoring remotely the materials and current flows is an essential operation in order to better manage all the activities carried out within the company.

Water treatment

To ensure compliance and quality of water supplies is necessary to keep constantly monitored chemical levels of purification and filter status.

Filling levels

The Bandwich system involves sending a notification if the tanks are full, the dispensers are malfunctioning or the supplies are low.


Monitoring the external sources and checking unexpected changes is important to increase the system's efficiency and environmental comfort.

Keeping under control your business operations and logistics is crucial - starting from the environmental conditions to the various means of transport, Bandwich provides the best organization of your business.

Transport quality

Bandwich is the system that ensures the products integrity, by equipping the means of transport with useful solutions to monitor the vehicle’s environmental conditions during transport.

Inventory management

Receive notifications of exhaustion or excess of stocked material is extremely useful to smartly manage the storage resources.

Environmental conditions

Monitoring the environment serves to avoid the deterioration of stored products, thus ensuring their conservation in optimal conditions, both in terms of temperature and humidity.

Bandwich provides essential IoT devices and solutions in the smart building sector. Monitoring the environment, safety and energy consumption has always been of great importance, but it has never been easier.

Environmental condition

The connection and control of various building systems increase the operations efficiency and make their monitoring easier and faster.

Space exploitation

Spaces optimization is an important operation manageable through a real-time update on the available capacity.

Energy consumption

Energy consumption monitoring and receiving notifications in case of malfunction or waste helps to reduce costs and optimize resources.

It is possible to increase profitability: Bandwich sensors allow avoiding unnecessary wastage, improving the quality, through a constant control of the production cycle and the overall effectiveness of the system.

Machines performance

The equipment must always be in optimal conditions: control the power consumption and the way of use of the machine is the suitable way to manage them well.

Control of activities

For greater efficiency of the production cycle, it is essential to increase performance, reduce waste and monitor quality and time spent in the scheduled activities.

General System Effectiveness

Improving the efficiency and performance of the production cycle is made possible through the collection, control and transmission of data from all production sites.

Bandwich has also thought about agriculture world. To improve the efficiency of your farm and increase production, Bandwich sensors, connected to each other, are definitely a winning solution.

Soil quality

Monitoring the soil conditions is useful to optimize the irrigation and conserve water resources, thus obtaining the maximum possible yield.

Culture growth

It is possible to control the growth of crops and to act in a productive way on environmental factors to ensure a higher yield.

Food resources

The sensors send notifications also to ensure that the levels of food livestock resources are adequately available.

Exploiting the RSSI values of the three radio components makes possible to keep track of the movable and immovable property location within an area. You can exploit the RSSI to determine the proximity of a Slave or Tag device at a Master headlight in iBeacon style, or use the detection of multiple Master headlights for determining a XY location on a Tag or Slave device plan.


RSSI values on 868 MHz for each message coming from a Slave or Tag and directed to a Master. RSSI values through BLEin proximity.


The RSSI values are communicated directly to the MQTT Broker for rapid fruition and distances calculation.

Directional antenna

The Radio module can be equipped with external U.FL antennas; therefore, it can exploit directional antennas for accurate readings and localization.


The Radio module configured in Tag mode can be free of add-ons and act as RSSI tags. You can define the frequency of RSSI sending or opt for the Environment add-on and demand sending the accelerometer solicitation.

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